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Simple ways to setup cloud storage for your organization

by James Aso
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One important thing you need to decide is an easy-to-use cloud workspace with 24/7 access from any device, so you can conveniently access your work files through any devices, as well as personal computer. This workspace will also offer centralized access, so you don’t need to send separate files around to all your team. With Fexspace, you can simply set everyone up with separate workspaces and work efficiently with minimal effort using its productivity and collaboration tools.

Let us look at some basic or simple things to know in setting up cloud storage for your organization.

  1. Choose a Cloud Collaboration Service

As one of the best cloud file management platforms out there, Fexspace is an awesome service for millions of users and for good reason. It makes perfect sense to go for Fexspace because it brings all your collaboration and productivity tools all in one place. Choosing a cloud storage with features that are known to be robust, proficient, with very simple will offer a convenient user experience.

Fexspace is free for trial with premium plans that start from $5.5USD, See Pricing. For the price versus what you get, Fexspace is an extensive service all-around and the best value for your money option out there that should suit the vast majority of users.

  1. Choose a Pricing Plan

It is important you compare the features that are available for each subscription plan. The number one rule is to go for what you need versus what you want, sometimes a Free Plan may just be what you need to get started until you begin to scale into premium plans.  If you are choosing a business plan, choose a plan that suits your workforce and is convenient for achieving your operational goals and objectives, offers an enhanced work suite with unlimited storage and archiving functionality; do not be miserly over subscription plans as you may not get the best out of choice.

If you are an enterprise, it is advisable you go for subscription plans that offer two-factor authentication, smart integrations, admin consoles, audit log, and customization privileges.

  1. Set up Cloud Workspace

One of the best ways to set up a cloud file management storage for your personal or your business is to use Fexspace, see how to setup a cloud workspace. Fexspace is designed for work collaboration and productivity using tools to establish anywhere access for your team.

Be sure that your cloud workspace and that of your team is synced across devices so as to support collaborating on the go. Be sure to setup your calendars and share it amongst your team, create projects and assign tasks among other things.

This is to help engage you to the benefits of the collaboration and productivity tools that needs time to adopt into operations and embraced as a corporate culture.

  1. Setup Access Control (Read and Write Privileges)

For document control policies and objectives, you should determine who views what or who can edit some certain documents. Document aren’t supposed to be open to everyone to be accessible unless they are shared by you to specific people or group. Team folders can be created but only accessible to people working on that specific project and task for which the team folder was created.

However, it is important for an organization to have a Secured Public Folder where every team or employee have access to; this public folder will only be a dedicated folder where you place any file you want the entire organization to access.

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