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6 Fast Ways your Organization Can Adapt to Remote Work

by James Aso
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6 Fast Ways your Organization Can Adapt to Remote Work

Teams are now moving to remote operations using cloud collaboration and productivity tools. There are many reasons to shift to a remote team; for some businesses, it provides a remote alternative that gives them the leverage and flexibility to recruit and retain the best team without limiting themselves to geographic proximity.

Here are six ways to immediately apply a remote team dynamic. Implementing these approaches will enable you to collaborate more productively, feel more connected to your team using seamless communication tools, and, most critically, keep the momentum going in managing tasks and group projects when working remotely.

First Focus on Building Trust

Leading or coordinating a remote workforce or team requires a different mindset that focuses on trusting your team. Trust develops confidence, a solid connection, and encouragement and is crucial for teams to accomplish great work remotely. Remote collaboration has been an immense effort, and a key accomplishment for most organizations is trust, transparency, and management support to impressive new levels.

Team leaders have to trust the decisions made by remote team members and improve transparency through managing ongoing tasks, sharing calendars, team projects, and folders, thereby holding each team member accountable for their own work output.

Create a Secured Digital Workspace

While there’s no spot-on replacement for in-person interactions in a virtual environment, you can create a secure digital connection with Fexspace. Giving your team members the proper collaboration and productivity tools to accomplish tasks outside the physical office is imperative to any remote organization. Fexspace offers digital workspaces equipped with workflow tools that aid in file management, coordinating project and task progress, managing deadlines, and staying connected with team members.

Its software stack allows your team to work efficiently from anywhere, even on their personal mobile devices. It places data security at the forefront by encrypting all information and communication, ensuring all your data is protected.

Use seamless communication collaboration tools

When working with team members in different locations, instant messaging and video communication are ideal ways to stay connected with your team and create cohesion. Group chat and video conferencing for meetings ensure more seamless communication and productivity by delivering a more personal touch.

Team communication and collaboration are essential when working remotely. Members can quickly be disrupted when switching from office work to remote locations due to heavy reliance on technology to keep in touch. Fexspace helps teams stay in touch with leaders/managers, establishing a powerful unit. Performance management tools allow teams at all levels to accomplish tasks and meet deadlines, making it easy to measure the progress and appraisals of every individual on your team.

Create a Team “Work from Home” Scenario Expectations

The next time a disruption or distraction occurs, you’re sure to get understanding from your team/unit rather than annoyance. Having your unit visualize where you are working from will help all concerned better understand the possible challenges or distractions that may exist, e.g., external noise, house occupant movement or thorough fare, kids, etc. These challenges can help create understanding and build a deeper connection between team/unit members.

Another expectation of building a supportive culture is more important than ever as we support our team members through challenges created while adopting this new norm. A large part of supporting each other is supporting ourselves by continuing to evolve, learn and grow in adapting to the relevant digital experiences of a remote workforce.

Cultivate A Remote Work Company Culture

When going remote, some team members may feel isolated; corporate philosophy and culture can go a long way toward combating this issue by reinforcing cohesion and understanding.

If your company is new to remote work, it can take a while for employees to adjust. Create a supportive environment that nurtures progress toward this goal. Give your workers extra time to learn the collaboration skills and tools they need to succeed. Help them by periodically sending out guidelines and prospects regarding remote collaboration.

In group chat and video conferencing meetings, ensure open inclusion and participation so that each team member would have the opportunity to debate their opinion, whether it’s about the pace of a project or subjective impasses stifling productivity. This inclusion emphasizes that building a relationship or connection is essential in bringing fun to your team collaborations, as these endeavors are vital to establishing trust and catalyzing meaningful cooperation.

Manage Communications Effectively

It’s important not to have meetings periodically all day. Use shared calendars to schedule and manage meeting times accordingly as team members work with set deadlines to accomplish tasks. Understand these meetings should be focused and well planned to gain the most productivity.

Helping You to Adapt to a Remote Environment

Fexspace is an all-in-one integrated, streamlined project management and collaboration environment solution for teams and individual creators. Our unique global hub provides a resource for its users to communicate with others worldwide and achieve ultimate success.

Imagine being able to work on a project with your team without ever having to leave our platform. With Fexspace, that’s now possible. Plus, our flexible environment gives you the freedom to use the tools that work best for you. So, you can focus on what’s important – creating great content with your team.

Join the movement that is changing the way we work together, and sign up for a FREE trial today and see for yourself how Fexspace is NOT just another project management tool! www.fexspace.com


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