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How Teams Are Using Shared Calendar to Increase Productivity

by James Aso
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Fexspace Shared Calendar is such an invaluable tool to stay on track with lots of meetings, itinerary, task progress, timelines, and deadlines which helps boost and maintain your team’s productivity. Organizing your personal and company calendar is one thing but it is important you also have access to the calendar of colleagues so as to know how to engage them in tasks and get the best out of them. Team around the world are maximizing shared calendar stay productive in their daily operations and below are some of how they are being effective with it:

Meeting Calendar

Meeting Calendar is an unavoidable key factor in determining productivity in any organization especially when critical decisions are made during these meetings that require proper scheduling and planning. Using a meeting calendar helps you to schedule your time effectively, and keeps you focused, organized and productive on the things that matter the most. One of the best ways that you can achieve this is using Fexspace Meeting Calendar to create meetings, share meeting agenda, invite participants, and reduce work limitations.

Sharing your calendar improves communication, efficiency, and productivity within your organization since it keeps every member of the team on the same page. It will also help to conserves you time and balances out projects, tasks and ensures your workflow is collaborative and inclusive.

Enhancing Team Communication

Team are using Fexspace shared calendar to collaborate with team members to make project management and meeting scheduling very efficient. Sharing calendar is an efficient communication tool that enables all team members to be updated about responsibilities, delivery expectations and working in sync with other team members to achieve the objectives and goals of assigned tasks. Teams are also using shared calendars to coordinates meetings, and be updated about team members individual schedules. This is a vital tool to manage time which is the core of project delivery.

Increasing Productivity

Shared calendar is being used by companies to manage assignments across their team and defining their responsibilities and availability, allowing to strategize their tasks and appointments. Companies are now embracing shared calendars to stay productive and adopting it as a work culture; now team leaders can even go through previous group team calendars to appraise every team member’s task completion rate, speed, performance and time management. Managing teams can really be time-consuming and stressful you aren’t using a productivity tool like Fexspace that will do the scheduling for you enable you stay focused on more important goals; it can keep you reminded about schedules, repeated tasks, due dates,  meetings, follow ups, breaktimes, deadlines and other important events. It keeps you informed with timely notifications so you won’t miss something important to you. Fexspace is a perfect shared calendar tool with more robust features than other ones found online.


Using shared calendars keeps you reminded on important dates like meetings, appointments, holidays, tasks deadlines and timelines, or travel. When it comes to meetings, reminders are to reduce the chances of being late, absent or last-minute cancellations which be unfair to the other team members or leaders especially when they must have taken the time to prepare for the meeting. A simple and efficient tool like fexspace shared calendar keeps you timely informed with notifications prior to your saved date; doing this always has impact of productivity on your business.

Fexspace shared calendar also help you to set agendas for each meeting created so as to let attendees know precisely what’s going to be discussed in advance, knowing this will make meetings more productive and more effective. Shared calendar is a must-have collaboration that will help any organization to spending time on work more productively.

Color Code

Fexspace Calendar makes your calendar look attractive and organized by giving the privilege to use color to let you to swiftly have a grip of your meeting schedule, due dates, timeline and more. You can have different colors for different reminders, in-office appointments, remote meetings, and more. It can be fun playing around colors when using Fexspace Calendar.

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