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Why Should I Use Cloud-Based Storage in Project Management?

by James Aso
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Teams have embraced cloud-based Storage in project management because it offers a centralized collaboration platform that stores data, making it accessible anytime, anywhere, from multiple devices. When it comes to using cloud-based Storage in project management, the cloud offers a ton of benefits that you don’t want to overlook. Here are just a few:

Shared Files

Cloud file sharing is integral to being an effective project manager, which can go a long way in minimizing bottlenecks and other deficiencies. It gives team members access to up-to-date information and provides an opportunity for team leaders and managers to contribute to the project. Cloud-based storage system offers a dedicated file repository that keeps everyone collaborating and ensures all parties are working with the same objectives and goals. With a shared file system, project team members have access to share, download, or modify essential files or documents when they’re outside of the office at any given time.

Scalability and Flexibility

It is common to run out of space with an external hard drive, and the solution is to buy a larger-capacity HDD that is not efficiently scalable. Storing data in the cloud can help companies take advantage of its scaling capabilities on demand.

Cloud is scalable as project management teams gradually increase their usage over time, only paying for the needed services. They also have the benefit of reducing or eliminating IT personnel to manage the cloud-based Storage because it is primarily self-managed by the apps that provide the services; this will undoubtedly reduce personnel costs.

Continuous Team Productivity

With cloud-based Storage, project work is not tied to the office; storing and accessing project files on the cloud is easy and can save significant money on hardware infrastructure. Project managers no longer need to depend on emailing files that are excessively large or stress over version control between static documents. With cloud-based Storage, project team members can access and work with documents. Team members can work from anywhere, collaborating with other colleagues efficiently and securely. This establishes simplicity in working simultaneously on shared calendars, files, and projects and automatically syncing files across multiple devices.

Remote Office

Cloud-based Storage offers you the intelligent and exciting prospect of creating fully functional cloud offices or workspaces. The cloud-based Storage fits in perfectly with this because it allows project managers and their teams to access and sync their data from anywhere, allowing them to take their office work wherever possible.

Easy backup and recovery

Cloud-based Storage ensures that there will always be a backup in case of an incident due to data loss, breach, and damage, which can be devastating for a project manager. Most cloud-based storage providers like Dropbox, Fexspace, and OneDrive add extra layers of security protocols for data loss protection (DLP) and to prevent your files from ending up in the wrong hands.

One of the best things about using cloud-based Storage is that server data is distributed across redundant servers, protecting the data stored against hardware failure.

See How Cloud-Based Storage Will Work for You with Fexspace

Cloud-Based Storage offers you peace of mind while adding efficiencies and protection to your collaboration and project management services. Cloud-Based Storage and Collaboration software like Fexspace offers more teams the opportunity to increase productivity, save time and money on travel, and reduce hardware infrastructure costs.

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At its core, Fexspace is offering practical ways to make teams more productive and efficient, thereby gradually creating a shift in their mindset to understand that collaboration and productivity software solution is the heart of the digitally-enhanced office space. Today, 7 out of 10 professionals say that adopting collaboration tools is fundamental to the success of their company.

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