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Where, When and How We Work is Changing Fast. Make Sure Your Organization Stays Ahead with Fexspace

by James Aso

Where We Work

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work and collaboration has become the new normal for most employees. Businesses are quickly changing their approach to work amidst global team isolations, video conferencing and other cloud collaboration tools which are fast becoming the norm. Teams have moved work to the cloud because it offers a centralized file collaboration which enables you to work anywhere, anytime, from multiple devices.

Cloud-based collaboration offers a ton of benefits when integrated into the organization workplace as employment rate continues to wane and more businesses try to remain competitive. Organizations using Fexspace is a good benefit of moving work to the cloud as it goes a long way in minimizing bottlenecks and other drawbacks, which keeps everyone collaborating and ensuring all parties are working with the same objectives.

Another reason the world is shifting work to the cloud is its advantage of scalability compared to the cost of hardware infrastructure and maintenance; it is good leverage and privilege to reducing personnel costs.


When We Work

At what time we work is changing and organizations are embracing the remote culture of fully providing and supporting their workforce with virtual collaboration tools that encourage them to work anytime at their convenience. Using Fexspace collaboration and productivity tools provides employees with the freedom to work where and when they want as it allows them to experience increased flexibility and autonomy for employees. With Fexspace, you can work in your PJs while sipping a cup of coffee as you achieve a lot of the work remotely on a flexible schedule that suits you as long as you meet your deadlines.

Collaboration tools has changed a lot as it is helping teams to also maintain a healthy work-life balance and become more productive while at work. The concept of working from anywhere at any time is not sheer workplace trend, the imminent state of work. Collaboration technology is becoming more advanced and is bringing all virtually ever closer together and connecting employees and businesses across time zones effectively; If not more so, than the traditional working model which has limited productivity and the prospect of working anytime.


How We Work

The global shift in the way we work remotely is gaining momentum and organizations are shifting their workforce away from the conventional state of work to a secured cloud collaboration workspace. Organizations are now organizing their content in one cloud workspace repository, using a cloud file management that syncs your files across multiple devices so they can work on-the go anytime, and anywhere.

Using a cloud collaboration solution will help your team to establish an intelligent work flow, instantaneously and get things done faster, especially with time-sensitive projects. Organizations using a cloud collaboration solution like Fexspace strategically manage their teams, stay connected, flexible and productive with tools like cloud storage, project and tasks, chat, video conferencing, notes, shared calendars, team boards and team folders where all files and tasks relating to that project are stored and accessed only by project team members. Team leaders using Fexspace collaboration are also having the privilege to track projects timelines, due dates, project milestones to boost productivity and accomplish more.

How we collaborate and communicate with our teams has greatly advanced with seamless communication tools and features made available in the Fexspace cloud collaboration solution which is recommended for organizations that demand a greater level of management proficiency amongst their team.

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