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Organization work force have adapted to working from home. Here is how they are doing it with Fexspace

by James Aso
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Many years ago, it was almost impossible for people to collaborate with their colleagues or continue personal work when they are away from their desk, the result was a breakdown in communication and lack of collaboration that lead to misunderstandings, delays, errors and inefficiencies that negatively impact productivity. This was a limitation and puzzle that technology hadn’t solved. Today, digital communications have innovated rapidly that businesses are shifting away from the conventional everyday physical office work to a modern work from home office or cloud workspace, investing in communication and collaboration. With the right cloud collaboration platform like Fexspace, businesses can quickly and efficiently adapt to remote working, and also helps lower costs, shorten timelines, improve productivity and increase return on investment (ROI) by connecting various teams in a company to achieve common goals. Here are how businesses are achieving it with the Fexspace cloud-powered collaboration platform:


Secured Cloud File Storage

This solution allows teams to organize their content in one place with easy access from a computer, mobile device, or any web browser and work on-the go anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, it’s secure so it keeps important company data safe. All you need do is to sign up and create a workspace, activate your two-factor authentication and other security features. Once your workspace is automatically created, your files will be Synced to your secured cloud space, then you can access your files anytime, away from your office and work seamlessly while automating manual processes and workflows.

Another smart solution fexspace gives the ability to manage the files in your cloud workspace and facilitate its accessibility across multiple devices. You can read and edit your files from anywhere, you even have the privilege to invite other user(s) to access your file and work on it without having to send and receive any emails. Having your team using Fexspace will help you establish an intelligent work flow because of the Team Folder features and having all the organization’s files in one repositor.


Team Collaboration

Remote work would be impossible without the team collaboration technology options we have today. Fexspace Team Collaboration features allow colleagues to work together instantaneously and get things done faster especially with time-sensitive projects. Businesses are using Fexspace to strategically manage their teams, stay connected, flexible and productive. Projects can be managed with tools that enhance efficiency at both personal and organizational levels e.g. team boards, chat, video conferencing, notes, calendars, and team folders where all files and tasks relating to that project are stored and accessed only by project team members. Task can be allocated the created projects and assigned to a team with individual roles and responsibilities. Team leaders are also having the privilege to track projects timelines, deadlines, due dates, milestones, project progression using the team calendar to boost productivity and accomplish more.

Fexspace Team Collaboration makes employees to feel truly connected, getting regular real-time feedback in ensuring they are sustaining their strategy in the most effective way possible. According to FlexJobs, 85% of businesses confirm that productivity has increased in their company because of greater flexibility.

Transitioning to remote work allows businesses to continue to operate without interruption, collaborating and reducing the amount of interactions between individuals using the productivity resources with proper communication and support. If your company decides to make the move from a collaborative office environment to working remotely, here are some tips to make it a smooth transition.


Seamless Communication Tools

Teams are relying on Fexspace to stay connected with others colleagues and also stay updated about assigned projects. Teams have access to an instant messaging to collaborate easily and get work done because with easy direct messaging and group conference chat rather than emailing and waiting for reply, teams can easily follow up tasks, collaborate efficiently and team leaders too can seamlessly track progress. All team members who are working on a project can write and edit files in real-time, knowing that any work progress is saved automatically in the cloud group folders.

Remote workers can stay in a circle with audio and video meetings too and make communication easier and more effective especially when physical meetings may not be convenient. Using video conferencing service is widely known to have a great impact in enhancing team communication and flexibility; it also helps the business save money on telephone bills. Communicating with your team using Shared Calendars also allows you give your colleagues access to your work schedules, tasks and other important events throughout the year.

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