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What Project Managers Need to Know about Cloud Project Management

by James Aso
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Since the introduction of cloud-based project management, it has gained popularity as a means for businesses to monitor better the intricacies involved with projects, such as time management and individual project stages. Its usage has grown exponentially so much that companies are moving to Cloud-Based Project Management Software like Btrix24, Fexspace, Monday.com, etc., due to the fact that keeping projects on time and budget is challenging, particularly for large enterprises.

There are some more critical items project managers should consider when adopting cloud project management which includes:

Reducing the Costs of Doing Business

You will immediately notice the benefits of a cloud-based project management solution and how the savings add up quickly. Utilizing a cloud-based project management solution is arguably less expensive than the conventional ones for reasons such as cloud-based doesn’t require a physical infrastructure, cost of power and maintenance, and an IT professional to manage it. Using cloud-based management also relieves you of the additional cost of being accountable for any data recovery in the event of data loss like project documents and budgets, which can be devastating for the project manager and the business.

A cloud project management system like Fexspace allows you to customize the software solutions to your needs and migrate project management documents and budgeting information to the project management platform.

Saving Money by Bringing Their Own Devices

Bring your own device (BYOD) is an amazingly prevailing trend that saves businesses money, and it puts the responsibility of device maintenance into the hands of employees. It also supplies the business with cutting-edge technology as some team members may bring better devices than the company. Teams that bring their own device to work favor it since they’re acquainted with its features and functionality.

Manage Projects from the Cloud

Cloud project management offers benefits when separating intricate projects into manageable tasks, which helps to give team members a better understanding of the goals and scope of the project.

With the rise of teams collaborating remotely, cloud project management offers the possibility of increasing their productivity which is essential to delivering measurable results. Using a professional project collaboration tool like Fexspace enables a team to share project files without using a third-party platform, thereby providing productivity and removing unnecessary revisions that negatively impact output. Cloud project management solutions also boost team productivity, achieving deadlines, and tracking project and completion timelines to establish a baseline for key performance indicators (KPI).

High Level of Safety and Security

Cloud project management software with robust cyber security is reliable and protects against data loss or breach. In cloud project management, data protection is critical for project managers as sensitive and confidential project details must not get into authorized hands. Fexspace cloud project management software offers top-notch security features, using highly protected data centers, daily backups, and servers with internal built-in disaster recovery so that companies don’t have to worry about data recovery.

Less Reliance on Email

Cloud project management software is undeniably efficient in managing critical and sensitive project information volumes in an organized structure without rummaging through numerous e-mail chains. With a system like this in place, you have convenient accessibility and visibility amongst a stack of documents, significantly reducing redundant e-mail dependency.

With a cloud project management solution, team leaders can quickly review schedules using Calendar in real-time to provide an accurate and holistic view of upcoming projects. Fexspace cloud project management offers a flexible workspace that greatly enhances team collaboration and productivity.

Check Out How Efficient Cloud Project Management Works with Fexspace

Its productivity tools include the convenience of cloud project management solutions, outstanding team collaboration, and robust security. Cloud project management and collaboration software like Fexspace offer more teams the opportunity to increase productivity, save time and money on travel, and reduce hardware infrastructure costs.

Fexspace collaboration software is changing work from a place you go to, to something you do, connecting teams anywhere and offering instant access to essential work tools and solutions.

At its core, Fexspace is offering practical ways to make teams more productive and efficient, thereby gradually creating a shift in their mindset to understand that collaboration and productivity software solution is the heart of the digitally-enhanced office space. Today, 7 out of 10 professionals say that adopting collaboration tools is fundamental to the success of their company.

Imagine being able to work on a project with your team without ever having to leave our platform. With Fexspace, that’s now possible. Plus, our flexible environment gives you the freedom to use the tools that work best for you. So you can focus on what’s important – creating great content with your team.

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