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6 Ways to Work with Remote Teams on Fexspace

by James Aso
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Fexspace team collaboration tools simplify remote work by having your collaboration, project management, and communications applications all in one place. Our platform allows teams to work together simultaneously on tasks, with integrated and flexible workflows becoming defining points of the collaboration software. With Fexspace, all the essential communication, project & task management tools are integrated into the project management space, file sharing, chat, video conferencing, messaging, and our very own social community – so you never have to leave our platform.

Here are six ways to utilize the platform and increase productivity like never before.

Projects and Tasks

Teams are used to manage projects and tasks by sending separate email attachments to each individual working remotely, complicating the productivity and collaboration of a document.

Fexspace allows teams to create and manage projects and allocate tasks to team members in one place, simplifying project management, effective communication, and productive interaction amongst all team members.

Fexspace is an ideal medium to create project calendars to monitor task deadlines, timelines, and the progress appraisal of team members; in so doing, creating a cohesive workspace that facilitates better communication between team members, project managers, and other relevant staff. Every invited team member can access team folders, project boards, shared folders, files, group chat, and video conferencing, speeding up team collaboration efficiency.

Chat and Video Conferencing

The ability of employees to collaborate with remote colleagues is now essential for most businesses. Remote teams now rely on group chat, video, and audio conferencing to hold team meetings. Our video conferencing gives you access to the cues needed for a well-rounded discussion helping to create a more familiar and relaxed environment that allows employees to work together on projects and tasks remotely without the time commitment & expense of travel. The chat and video conferencing offer teams simplicity of use, reliability, and the ability to invite someone who doesn’t have an account to chat with you using a link without any sign-up process.

Additional collaboration tools allow a project team to attach and share files, define access privileges, take notes on the platform during meetings and pin them to the conversation threads for future reference purposes.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a data storage model in which digital information is stored in the cloud. With Fexspace cloud storage, you can sync files to your secured cloud storage, so you access your files away from your office and work seamlessly anytime and anywhere. Managing files in your secure cloud storage simplifies its accessibility across multiple devices, automating manual procedures and workflows. Our platform establishes an intelligent cloud file management system keeping all your company’s files (MsWord, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Access, JPEG, PNG, MP3, MP4, and more) in one repository; this dramatically improves personal and team workflow and organizational productivity.

Most businesses use email servers that can’t handle data larger than a few megabytes, resulting in a time-consuming effort to work together on shared large files. However, within our file management storage system, you can easily store and share large files, allowing you to work with your team in real time.

Shared Files

Before the innovation of cloud file sharing and collaboration solutions, teams were limited to collaborating using primitive and less effective approaches such as email and FTP (file transfer protocol), among others that weren’t productive. With cloud collaboration solutions, more team members can share files, comment, edit, and even collaborate on the same document in real time.

Now workforces can operate on the go and have access to essential documents anytime, anywhere from any device. With this file sharing technology, you can create a file or folder and invite specific team members to work on the same documents simultaneously. Any changes made to the compositions save and sync, allowing every user to see the exact document version whenever and wherever they view it.

Secured Team Folders

A team’s work files in a shared and secure folder are essential to any collaboration environment. Team folders are a brilliant way of managing teamwork and materials that need efficient monitoring, collaboration, control, and protection. Our team folders comply with corporate data protection and security policy and maximize the advantage of scalability, performance, data loss prevention, visibility, and control. Once a team leader creates a team folder, they have total control over the sharing permissions of that folder, and only through the sharing of an invitation link to specific people have access and permission to the shared folder, e.g., download, read, write, print, and edit permissions.

Shared Calendar

A shared calendar gives any successful organization transparency to accomplish and collaborate more efficiently across multiple devices. A shared calendar also offers you the benefit of granting other people access to your schedule and events, which can help you manage and keep everyone on track of important dates. With a shared calendar, you can create meetings and share them with your team, constantly reminding them ahead of time. Creating projects without a deadline and timeline for them is pointless and inefficient project management. With a shared calendar, you can set deadlines and timelines for a project and task and track your team’s performance in terms of rounding up projects and tasks on time at a glance.

The Future of Workplace Collaboration is Here

Fexspace collaboration software is changing work from a place you go to, to something you do, connecting teams anywhere and offering instant access to essential work tools and solutions.

At its core, Fexspace is offering practical ways to make teams more productive and efficient, thereby gradually creating a shift in their mindset to understand that collaboration and productivity software solution is the heart of the digitally-enhanced office space. Today, 7 out of 10 professionals say that adopting collaboration tools is fundamental to the success of their company.

Imagine being able to work on a project with your team without ever having to leave our platform. With Fexspace, that’s now possible. Plus, our flexible environment gives you the freedom to use the tools that work best for you. So you can focus on what’s important – creating great content with your team.

Join the movement that is changing the way we work together, and sign up for a FREE trial today and see for yourself how Fexspace is NOT just another project management tool! www.fexspace.com

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