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6 Ways to Work with Remote Teams on Fexspace

by James Aso
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Fexspace team collaboration tools simplifies remote work by having your collaboration tools all in one place. Fexspace provides teams with a way to work together simultaneously on tasks, with integrated and flexible workflows which are becoming defining points of the collaboration software. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way people work have really evolved, and more people are adopting remote work collaboration and below are six (6) ways to work with remote teams on fexspace.


  1. Cloud Storage

A cloud storage is a model of data storage in which the digital information is stored in the cloud. With Fexspace cloud storage, you can sync files to your secured cloud storage so you access your files away from your office and work seamlessly anytime and anywhere. Managing files in your secured cloud storage simplifies its accessibility across multiple devices in so doing automating manual procedures and workflows. Using fexspace establishes an intelligent cloud file management by keeping all your company’s files (MsWord, Excel, PowerPoint,PDF,  Access, JPEG, PNG, MP3, MP4 and more) in one repository; this dramatically improves personal and team work flow and administrative productivity.

Most businesses use email servers that can’t handle data larger than a few megabytes which results to time-consuming effort to work together on shared large files. However, with fexspace cloud file management storage system, you can store large files easily on a cloud-based collaboration platform and have authorized people go directly to the cloud storage service to access the files.


  1. Shared Files

Before the innovation of cloud file sharing and collaboration solutions, teams were limited to collaborating using primitive and less effective approaches such as email and FTP among others which weren’t productive. With the introduction of cloud collaboration solutions like Fexspace, OneDrive, and more teams can share files, comment, edit, and even collaborate on the same document in real time.

With Fexspace teams or workforces can work on-the-go and have access to important documents anytime, anywhere from any device. With the file sharing technology, one can create a file or folder and invite specific team members to work simultaneously on the same documents and any changes made on the documents saves and syncs to the cloud so that every user sees the same version of the document whenever and wherever they view it.

  1. Projects and Tasks

Teams used to manage projects and tasks by sending separate email attachments to each individual who are working remotely and participating in a project or task. However, this makes productive collaboration and document control often complicated.

Using Fexspace cloud collaboration gives teams the privilege to create and manage projects and also allocate tasks to team members in one place thereby simplifying project management, effective communication and productive interaction amongst team members. Fexspace is an ideal medium to create projects calendars to monitor task deadlines, timelines and the progress appraisal of team members; in so doing, creating a favorable workspace that facilitates better communication between team members, project managers, and other relevant staff. With fexspace cloud collaboration tools, every invited team member can access team folders, projects boards, shared folders, shared files, group chat and video conferencing to offer their viewpoint and creativity. This helps to speed up collaboration amongst teams and get the best out of the work tools every business uses every day.

  1. Secured Team Folders

It is smart to store and organize your team’s work files in a shared and secure folder so that team leaders can create files/folders and invite members to collectively work on them using different access privileges. Fexspace team folders are compliant with corporate data protection and security policy and maximizes the advantage of scalability, performance, data loss prevention, visibility, control.  A team folder would be created by a team leader who also has control over the sharing permissions of that folder, after the folder is created, an invitation link is sent to only specific people to grant them different levels of access and permission to the shared folder e.g. download, read, write,  print, and edit permissions. Team folders is a very smart way of managing team work and materials that need efficient monitoring collaboration, control and protection.

  1. Chat and Video Conferencing

The ability of employees to collaborate with remote colleagues is now very essential for most businesses. Remote teams in the world now rely on group chat, video and audio conferencing to hold team meetings share. Fexspace video conferencing gives you access to the cues needed for a well-rounded discussion helping to create a more normal and relaxed environment that allows employees to work together on projects and tasks remotely without the time commitment & expense of travel. Fexspace chat and video conferencing offers teams simplicity of use, reliability, and ability to invite someone who doesn’t have account to chat with you using a link without any sign-up process.

In using fexspace seamless collaboration tools to work remotely with your project team, you can attach and share files, define access privileges for attached files, take notes on the platform during meetings and pin them to the conversation threads for future reference purposes.

  1. Shared Calendar

Shared calendar offers you the privilege to give other people access to your schedule and events which can be a huge help managing keeping track of important dates. With a shared calendar, you can create meetings and shared with amongst your team so that they will always be reminded ahead of time. Creating projects without having a deadline and timeline for it is pointless and an inefficient way of project management. With a shared calendar, you can set deadlines and timelines for a project and task and also track how your team performance in term of rounding up projects and tasks on time just at a glance. Fexspace Shared Calendar has the essential function that that makes a great shared calendar application that gives you clarity about how you can accomplish more and collaborate more efficiently with a productive team across multiple devices.

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